#Mustfall Movements And The Gospel

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]I[/eltdf_dropcaps]n the midst of all these #mustfall movements, I’m wondering if we’re engaging in the correct battle.

Social justice has always been important to the Lord. He has always been a God for the disenfranchised and the oppressed in society, a God who cares for the widows and orphans. He is a God of Justice and He will judge wrongdoings.

Yet, why do I sense I’m getting lost in the noise and emotion of all the various movements? So much so, that I’ve somehow lost sight of the Lord in the process. What I’m hearing in the #mustfall movements seems to be shutting out the gospel, seems to almost be excluding God.

It’s just that, with all the vigour and emotion I’m seeing lately, you’d swear that #mustfall is the salvation of our people. That living in a racially harmonious society is what we truly need, that if we all had unhindered assess to good facilities regardless of socio-economic status then we could truly be free and happy. That free education is the final step in our emancipation. Granted, those are all good ideals …however, what would be the point of gaining all these privileges (rights?) and still losing your soul?

What’s Gods agenda though? Is God for #mustfall movements?

[eltdf_blockquote text=”The question isn’t which side is God on – but rather, am I on His side? God is in the business of saving souls. All souls. Our souls know no colour, but are universally tainted with the same ugly stain of sin. We’re all born spiritually equal; all born with the exact same spiritual attribute – we were dead. God is in the business of bringing dead souls to life.” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]

I’m wondering if I’ve gotten so caught up in #mustfall movements that I’m no longer being about my Fathers business. God’s agenda is so much bigger than all our issues combined. These movements are only temporarily fixes. It’s like giving cough mixture to someone suffering a heart attack. The cough mixture really can’t do much in that situation. While it is medicine, it’s not the correct prescription for the ailment.

#Mustfall movements could lead to the provision of temporally relief for the disgruntled masses, but they won’t fix the true problems we have as a people. So, even if #rhodesfalls #feesfall #zumafalls, #afrikaansfalls, #outsourcingfalls and even #Nkandlafalls…even then…your soul is still dead in your sins and transgressions. Your sins still need forgiveness. Happily ever after does not exist on this side of eternity. Once #allhasfallen, there will arise another inequality which needs protesting (and protest you must if needs be).

The Lord however, is the great physician. He’s already fixed our truest and deepest need; more than we need racial harmony, more than we need equality for all, more than we need free education, even more than we need our daily bread – we need forgiveness for our sins. That’s something you can’t buy, that’s something white privilege won’t get you, that’s something your disadvantaged background has not excluded you from. The work of Christ on the cross is freely available to all. Because all our souls are stained with sin and His blood is the only cure. Before all else…#sinmustfall… #forgivnessonlyatthecross…#dontgetlostinthenoise.


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