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An artist moulded by the greatest Artist of all time!

[eltdf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]A[/eltdf_dropcaps] Berea born, Bedfordview grown, highly opinionated, green haired, guitar playing, songwriter with a voice so honest she puts lie detectors out of work when she sings! When all of this is mixed with a township bred, equally opinionated, fashion strong – “coconut” who loves hip hop as much as he loves talking, what do you get?

A serious “HOTT” mess…

Funny enough, that is not what a lot of people would think of my marriage to Lilly. From the outside, people think that our marriage is one big musical – and that’s because we are both musicians. But take it from me, there isn’t much singing or rapping in the house when two “creative” sinners have to share one space.

My wife is truly a 21st century inner-city girl . Much of her experiences were shaped by the Johannesburg underground art scene. Though, as much as the streets of Jozi unearthed her vibrantly colourful personality – which is a good thing, they also taught her how to embrace her natural rebellion against the God of the universe.

Concurrently, Lilly also came from a home where her mother was overtly Christian and this also had a strong influence in the development of Lilly’s womanhood. The streets gave her confidence to think, while her mother gave her confidence to believe. However, the result of this combination was not as sweet…the “god” she intellectually believed in, was not the same God her mother trusted.

Lilly and I met and became friends during my 1st year in varsity. However, it was post varsity when we decided to take this “Jesus thing” seriously. Taking this “Jesus thing” seriously for us merely meant, going to church regularly, praying and fasting as much as possible. Unfortunately, we had dodgy teaching, and somehow we believed that we were specially handpicked by God to continue writing the bible.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the doctrines of grace that I realised how unbiblical our “Jesus thing” truly was. My heart and mind were rocked and my eyes were opened. I went to tell Lilly about what I had discovered. At that time we had been friends for 5 years and had only been dating for 5 months. She was the person who encouraged me to take this “Jesus thing” seriously, and now, I was going to turn around and crush her whole world by telling her that what we had believed was not the real thing.

This began the most painful year in our relationship. My wife (then fiancé) had never been so theologically challenged before – God was doing something in her heart. As He challenged me, He used me as an instrument to draw His daughter to Himself. We had long nights of WhatsApp conversations about scripture, its doctrines and applications. Dates that started off well but progressed into theological warfare, and prayers for marriage, that ended up as dreams for singlehood.

However, her streetwise, very dismissive “I’m a free thinker” attitude was fading away, because there was a real work of the spirit happening inside of her.

Lilly soon realised that our old “Jesus thing” required only her emotions to be engaged and not her mind. But now she was seeing that God doesn’t call us into a blind faith but He encourages us to intellectually engage with His truth. So faith and intellectuality were no longer mutually exclusive, this brought a real excitement for the Christian faith in her life.

In the past couple of years, I have seen a hard-core rebel  – who hated the true God, loved herself and her ideals more– being crushed and torn, destroyed and rebuilt, stripped away and being clothed with the likeness of her King.

My wife is the realest! Seeing her wrestling with her faith in her music, with so much honesty, pursuing confidence in the cross, especially when she has to stand on stages and sing to crowds that are by nature hostile towards her God, is wonderful. This has made her a beast of an artist. Witnessing her wanting to give more and more of her talents and gifts to serving God has inspired me to solider on in my music as well.

From one artist to another, seeing the greatest Artist of all time showing off His glory through my wife, has certainly been the best art I’ve seen.

By Blaque Nubon


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