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Streaks of a Titus 2 & Proverbs 31 woman

The Titus 2 woman and the virtuous wife in the oracles of King Lemuels’ mother in Proverbs 31 are often unpleasantly thought of as referring to a perfect, flawless woman who clearly can only exists in these two passages of Scripture! Herein however, lies my  testimony about my wife, who although not perfect, is streaked with attributes of both the Titus 2 and the Proverbs 31 woman.

The streaks of biblical womanhood which  I see in Muthani (my wife)  are not so much her prowess in cooking and baking (which she does really well), nor her vigor in cleaning (which she does so much that sometimes I even get irritated with her not sitting down), nor any of the other tasks which she excellently performs. These tasks certainly have added lots of value to me, those around us and the church… but that’s not where her biblical attributes shine through brightest.

Rather, it is when the outworking of her faith shows itself in all that she does, then, she is clothed with the virtues of true biblical womanhood.

Let me speak of how I see the attributes of  a Titus 2 and Proverbs 31 woman in my wife:

  1. Her time and energy are principally dedicated to being our children’s mother and my wife. I see her daily making choices that put her family first, even if it comes at a cost to her. She does things like reading to our children (small though they be), rising at 5am to make breakfast for our son before going to attend to her career and she consistently takes the time to see to her husband’s wellbeing.
  1. She has a heart to invest in her younger sisters in the Lord. Her relationship with Christ and her life experiences have equipped her with wisdom and insights which have proven to be immensely helpful to young ladies. Muthani never shies from an opportunity to hold a young ladies hand and walk with her through life. I’ve seen her lovingly embrace these young ladies with all their faults and failures reaching out to them physically, or via whatsapp.
  1. She is a worker at home. Muthani reminds me of the fact that God has given the home to women as their domain. In the home, she gives space for my leadership to come alive, my ego as a provider to soar, and my sense of being a caring man to blossom. She daily makes the home her domain by not being lazy or too busy outside her home. True to the scriptures, she is worker at home.
  1. I have never seen Muthani tired. On two occasions I have seen her “carry” our children for nine months. Surprising and inspiring to many she still attended to the house, the family and consistently sought to be a means of grace. I remember in her last pregnancy, hardly 24hours out of theatre and she was busy sending out messages regarding provisions for our usual church lunch. In what would be expected to be a moment of weakness for her; she instead willingly served the people of God. Many times for the sake of Christ, her household, friends and family she will not tire, but will go the extra mile – Indeed, she literally dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

A word of caution: I’m not saying Muthani is flawless, free of weakness and/or picture perfect. Far from it. I’m talking about her frailty being transformed by faith.  I think the most important and fundamental thing about the Proverbs 31 woman, which manifests in Muthani, is explained at the end of the chapter, “she fears the Lord” (Prov. 31:30) and we know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom (Prov. 1:7, 9:10, 15:33).

Muthani’s practical faith is a continuous reminder to me that orthodoxy must ALWAYS must show itself in orthopraxy.


By Humphrey Mukutuma


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