Book Review

“The Law of Kindness” Mary Beeke

It’s easy to glance through the fruits of the spirit without actually giving much thought to what they each look like in reality. This book gave me a rather rude awakening to how much we don’t know about God and a peek into how good He is.
Should you read it? Well, I’ll share three things I enjoyed and learnt from this book that could help you make that decision for yourself 🙂
1. Kindness is cultivated
I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that one simply stumbles upon kindness. Mrs Beeke did well in showing how kindness isn’t just a smiley face and an act of kindness when we feel like it but rather an act of constant selflessness and higher consideration of others than yourself.
2. Wait, kindness isn’t just a smiley face?
I always thought kindness meant being a nice person, smiling at people, the occasional act of kindness here or there, you know, giving the homeless man the burger you didn’t want. Surprise, that’s only the tip of the iceberg! She beautifully shows and reminds how we ought to be like Christ, in our selfless service throughout our lives with a sobering rebuke that kindness isn’t exclusive to friends and strangers but to those closest to us – our family.
3. Practical examples
It’s comforting to know you’re not alone in your ignorance and struggle to pursue this act of kindness. I loved that this book was filled with real life stories anyone can relate to, practically showing what kindness looks like in many day to day situations.
All in all, it’s an easy read and I learnt a great deal on kindness, its beauty and impossibility to achieve without God’s kindness toward us.
Favourite Quote:  “The deepest motive of  kindness  stems  from  humility  and  gratitude  to  God  for His  wonderful  gift  of  salvation”
Soli Deo Gloria
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