Black girl, White girl… Friends Forever

We love Fairy Tales because in the magical world of Fairy Tales, anything can happen.

Dragons are slain, princes are rescuing heroes on white horses, poor maidens become princesses, fairies are your friends and evil is overcome.

The real world is different. It is broken and groaning. Wars are fought. Greed and power seem to overcome good. Corruption is rife. Rape, women and child abuse are prolific and hatred speaks louder than love.

In this harsh world, a Southern Kingdom is ruled by prejudice and discrimination. For 46 years the subjects of this kingdom were separated and for the past 24 years, vengeance and resentment have sung a siren tune. This Rainbow Nation’s dream is as elusive as the reality of a Fairy Tale.

Yet in this Southern Kingdom, ruled by hatred and brokenness, we see the most unlikely of friendships, brought about by Gospel shoes of grace and peace.

In a strange little hamlet, called Church, we see orchards bear the most beautiful fruit of kindness, joy, peace and hope. It is here that a Black girl and a White girl hold hands and forge a special bond. The Spirit has done that – not a magical spirit, but the Holy Spirit.

‘He is the One who unites us despite our different experiences, cultures and skin colours.’ [Lehman Bates]

The Black girl and the White Girl grew up in different kingdoms, two worlds far apart, but as their paths crossed, they realised that in all the ways that matter most, they are the same. In this unique hamlet, they become sisters.

As they stand together on the Gospel Bridge – built out of rugged blood-stained wood – between their two kingdoms, something strange and wonderful and supernatural starts to happen.

The heavy chains shackling them to their pasts start to shatter. The chorus of prejudice resonating in their ears becomes a beautiful hymn of joy and harmony. The lyrics are not their own; they are written and sung by a heavenly angelic choir, marvelling at this mystery unfolding on the bridge.

They start to see each other’s hearts, once hard and stony, suddenly made new, soft and gentle. A true friendship starts to blossom behind faces that were once strangers. They start to speak a new language. Having both been taught the language of hate, words of love, now unbidden, flow from their lips.

Their minds are renewed. Ugly memories of the past start to fade and vanish; slowly disappearing on the wind. They laugh together.

Strangers passing by from one kingdom to another stop and stare. Some mock the Black girl and the White girl. Others are angry. A few join them.

As they stand together on this bridge, they look up and across the valleys and kingdoms, full of rocky and harsh terrain, and they see a brilliant city in the far away distance. It shines brightly, its radiance coming from the Son, the Prince of Peace. Its streets are golden and those who walk thereon have no sadness or weeping or pain. This forever City of Joy, above the clouds, is ruled by Majesty and Glory.

This is where they are headed together, the Black girl and the White girl; adopted daughters of the King of kings. This is where they will live happily ever after.

‘Ask the Spirit of God to lead you and help you cultivate relationships. He will do what you couldn’t imagine.’ [Lehman Bates]