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The cycle of sin in the world: Power and hatred in a world that is anti-God – Part 1

What is happening in the world at the moment?

Everywhere we look, we see a lot of chaos in our world. We don’t need to look very far, we only need to turn on the news, the pages of magazines and newspapers or look at social media. I don’t think there has been a single day in History where any human being has said “all is right with the world”. Every time and everywhere, there has been trouble in the world.

We also fear for our lives in light of all that is happening in the world. Sometimes we see it and turn a blind eye, glad that in our corner of the world, we may not be affected by what others are experiencing. Everyone is looking out for themselves, it’s called self-preservation. We crave that at all costs, and it breeds all kinds of injustices and hatred of the “other” in an attempt to elevate and preserve oneself.

It wasn’t always this way. God created perfect human beings in His own image, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). He created everything and it was good, He created human beings and they were very very very good. But sin came into the world when man decided to disobey God and do things that God told them not to do (Romans 5:12). That one action, brought sin into the world, that has separated man from God and been passed on from generation to generation. As human beings, we want to live our own way, and not the way we were intended to live, as God created us. This affects us all, as we are all born from the first created human beings, Adam and Eve, who’s sin has affected us all.

What is going on in the world? We all want power, we all want to do things our own way apart from God. We don’t want Him to be all powerful, we want the power, in one way or another, and this shows in the way we live our lives apart from Him. This power breeds a hatred of anything that stands in the way of us wanting power. For centuries, we have drawn lines of race, class and gender to put people in categories that make us stand out from other people, and we want to be better than them. We don’t want to be equal, we want to be better at all costs. We don’t see ourselves as being created equal, with two gender roles, with no one role being better than the other. Different skin tones, to reflect the beauty and image of God. Different roles in society to glorify God. All these differences that are to glorify God are used to glorify ourselves. To create an “us and them” mentality that propagates our self-preservation, our power over others.

This striving to be better than others, means that we see others as less than ourselves. This notion breeds hatred of anyone who threatens to “usurp” our power. We compare ourselves to others, imitating those who we see as better than us, and ridiculing those who we see as lesser, wanting to keep them suppressed, oppressed and in their place. We don’t see God as the ultimate power, because we want the ultimate power to lie with us. Thank God this will never happen! He is still in control and will always have all the power, no matter how hard we try, and we have tried! But where has this gotten us? Nowhere. And we don’t see it. It has been happening for centuries, the cycle of man thinking he can have ultimate power. Yet we still try, time and time and again, not seeing that history repeats itself:

“All that we call human history–money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery–[is] the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.” C.S Lewis

Power and hatred all stem from a heart that does not recognize God as the ultimate power and the definition of love.

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