How Can We ‘Show Up’ During Covid-19?

How Can We ‘Show Up’ During Covid-19?


There is something special about the Easter weekend for born again Christians. Even our President spoke of the hope surrounding this calendar event in his speech. And while  this year was a rather unusual Easter, it’s significance remained because, as Christians, we get to celebrate how Jesus showed up for all humanity and showed up for the glory of God the Father. Jesus showed up in our salvation, taking our sins upon himself, enduring separation from the Father and dying in our place. Jesus shows up for us, not only in having conquered death and grave, but also in our ongoing sanctification – sealed with the beautiful truth that we have  a comforter and helper with us: the Holy Spirit. Now, with great anticipation, we can await for Jesus to show up again at the consummation, when we will rise to be with him forever in glory. 


These strange times present a great opportunity for us to show up too. We can never show up like Jesus did (we cannot even attempt to, because he showed up perfectly and sufficiently), but we can show up in our deeds and tell a dying world how Jesus showed up to save them. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35


My husband and I have been chatting about how we can practically demonstrate the love we have for one another to a watching world. 

  • Give sacrificially
  • Check up on the elderly and widows in your community by giving them a call – they are some of the loneliest right now
  • Pray for those who have lost their jobs and are in need
  • If you have tenants, think of lowering their rent during these trying times 
  • Pay your domestic helper or gardener, even if they aren’t coming to your home, and check up on them telephonically
  • Club together with others to buy groceries online for those who don’t have much and have it delivered to their door 
  • Send encouraging video/audio clips to people who you haven’t spoken to in a while: tell them you love them and share the gospel
  • If you know of any orphan homes around you, buy essentials for them online and have it delivered to them
  • If you have colleagues who don’t believe, perhaps share some devotional material with them and  go through it together using available technology


This is not an exhaustive list, but it’s a start nonetheless! We can show the world how, in this Covid-19 period, we love not only in word but in action. We should be doers of God’s Word now more than ever, even during a state of lockdown. 


With the little the Lord has given you, think of how you can give to others. We don’t know how long this pandemic may be with us, but we may never have such an opportunity again. In our solitude, think of ways to show up! 


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