Redemption of Denial

Redemption of Denial


Quick, grab this moment

Before it fades away

Don’t let yourself forget

How you felt that day.


The restless tug at your heart

The way your chest went tight

At those words, “He’s gone.”

No, this isn’t right.


Here today, gone today

No wonder that denial

Is how we all respond to death

For the first little while.


Call it shock or disbelief

Or astonishment you might

But they are all expressions

That something is not right.


As time goes on, we move along

From denying to accepting.

This is good, and we should

But there’s something worth remembering.


Yes, let a trace of your shock

Linger in the light

Of your journeys forward

That something is not right.


Something is not right about

Life that ends in death

‘Creation was not always cursed’

You hear in whispered breath.


The whispers become clearer

As you open up God’s Word

And yet returns your shock

As you read what next occurred.


Your sin-cursed world and agony

Were not lost on your Creator

Promises were made and kept

And fulfilled in an unlikely Saviour.


God himself! He came to us

To finally reconcile

That feeling that each death evokes

That feeling of denial.


In the greatest of all ironies

His perfect life at its height

Jesus laid his down for us

Could this be right?


But carry on towards his tomb

It’s the one that’s filled with light

He rose again!  Conquered death!

Ah, this is what feels right.  


And now dead hearts hear his voice

And they too are made alive

Their bodies only laid in graves

For the blinking of an eye.


So, again, I ask you

To keep denial’s trace in sight

So long as it reminds you

That one day all will be right


By Lydia Mangwathe


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