Author: Hazel Bomba

Miss Bomba is a God fearing urban Zulu, a scientist by profession, a humourist at heart. Highly blessed with a loud laugh but kept humble with an inferior sense of direction. She’s still eating the remnants of her youth while continually seeking to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ”.
Single & Content

waiting…waiting… and still waiting – Singleness in your 30s

Four people did! I was engaged 4 times in my 20s, but none of those men were meant to be my husband. My sense of beauty and worth isn’t found in a man’s love for me, it comes from God’s love for me. Sometimes I wonder if I’d have a better chance at marriage if I was thinner, but I’m not interested in somebody who wants a stick – because I want to be a cuddly mummy if I ever am one. If it’s the Lord’s will for me to be married one day, He will provide the right man at the right time. If it’s not His will then so be it. Either way I need to be content and as useful for the Lord’s Kingdom as I know how to be, no matter what phase of life I’m in!

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Christian Living

But Did The Proverbs 31 Woman Have A Tattoo?

In actuality though, the proverbs 31 narrative does transcends beyond being a wife and a mother. But, you’d never guess that based on how the generic Christian community talks about it. I don’t want to sit comfortably in that generic box. I wanna discover the soul of this woman. Surely she had fears, surely she had bad days, surely she had issues, surely there was more to her than the fact that her husband’s heart trusts in her, surely surely surely!

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