Author: Nontsikelelo Pule

Kgaugelo Pule is a 30 year old wife and mother who enjoys hosting and opening her home. Her ambition is to serve people with all she has while still on earth.

My daily struggle

I was chatting to a colleague of mine recently and I came to the realisation that often when it’s time for prayer requests many Christians do not ask for prayer regarding their daily struggles. In fact it seems like they are oblivious to them. I’ve noticed that they want prayer for external items ie. a car, a husband, a house, a new job…the list goes on and on, and this bothers me to a certain degree, as we hardly confess our sin to one another and ask for prayer regarding our daily struggles.

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Christian Living

I Had My Life All Planned Out

When I was 12 I had one of those cute flowery diary’s which had my life all planned out. Then we moved homes and it sadly got misplaced however, in varsity my eagerness for planning and dreaming out how my life could be in the next 10 years was ever more stronger. So I penned down how from the age of 24 I’d graduate with my honours degree, go on to do my masters degree, travel the world, perhaps work at some well known international organisation for a year, come back home then at age 30 start my business and then maybe consider getting married at the age of 32 and get pregnant before my eggs disappear.

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