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COVID-19 and The Mental Health of the Believer. 

The collective fear, panic and uncertainty that exists now is a demonstration of the unbelief that looms over us. May this time serve as an opportunity to remember The Word of God that gives hope to those who are called by Him. Let us repent of our wickedness and hold onto faith in the grace that is promised to us by our Heavenly Father.

Single & Content

Dear Single Sister 

Use this time in your life to prepare for whatever future God has planned for you! God doesn’t waste anything. He for sure isn’t wasting your singleness—but you might be. Singleness is a time of freedom, use it to devote your time to the work of Christ and invest in the lives of others.

Single & Content

Christian Men Are Single Too 

Secondly, when I meet believers, their first concern is not for my spiritual well-being, but for my single status. Therefore, there is a social stigma, which is associated with singleness not only in the society, but also in the church. I have tried to inform my friends that my greatest need in my life is not my marriage status, but a spiritual rightness with Christ. Ask me about my walk with Christ and how I flesh out that relationship in the everyday nuances of my life.

Marriage & Relationships

Interracial relationships 

Every now and then, conversations come across our paths that push us out of our comfort zones. These conversations are not necessarily invited, but they are necessary. They can be uncomfortable and even painful. They expose our comfortable mind-sets and our justified heart issues. They get us thinking. They are hard work. But hard work always reaps rewards.