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Celebrating Motherhood 

Let’s do away with the check lists and ideas of a “super mom” and turn to Christ who enables us to do these things, because on our own it’s impossible. Raising children for God’s glory means cleaving to Christ and looking to Him in order to do it.

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Can’t it just be over already? 

This week my little one has had terrible teething troubles. This meant that I had to be awake for most of the night, nursing and comforting as a mama should. I really do thank God that we forget all the pain of those early years. I will never be able to understand what my dear one is going through, and a few days from now she will probably have no recollection of the pain. Comforting.


The Ultimate Pleasure 

“The pleasures of this created world are pointing to the Creator of pleasure. They’ll never satisfy you like the pleasure of knowing God.” ~ Paul Tripp

Pleasure, plaisir, piacere….whatever language we speak, pleasure sounds sweet, because it is. There are
so many things in this world that delight us and keep us asking for more. We want to enjoy our lives, we
want to have the best of everything, and we long for pleasurable things.

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God’s design: The role of women in the family 

“More women need to be a part of the workforce, top business positions should be filled by more women, keep women out of the home, and in the workforce.” This is what the world chants and is very characteristic of today’s society. As women, we want to make it in the business/corporate world that has been, for centuries, dominated by men. We are told that we need equal jobs, equal pay, equal hours at work, and everything else that men have been entitled to for a long time.