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It is He who opens and closes the womb – my personal conviction 

e got married in November 2010. My husband and I were at age 22 and 24 and a lot of people asked us; “Why so young?” “Are you going to have kids right away?” “You know, kids these days cost a fortune” this was the typical response from most of our friends and family. I must say, they really did a good job at scaring me into having kids as they made it sound as if kids are a curse.


When I Look At My Life 

When I look at my life, I see a full testament of how God orchestrates every single thing I’ve gone through for a grander purpose.

I grew up in the small city of Mzuzu, Malawi. I was raised by very religious grandparents who were very active members of the church. I recall never missing Sunday school, so from a young age I had an awareness of who God is, as well as an understanding of right from wrong. But I wouldn’t say I was saved.


The Curious Case of Faith and Work 

Growing up in the 90’s, I thought Christian art was flaky. Unoriginal. Uninspired. Bland… yet godly. The mini art critic in me could spot from a mile away that the perm fixed in the depiction of Jesus that we see in Catholic art was far from me – and almost everyone else too. But it was art. Christian art. So, when I started considering the claims of Christianity, the art work I was exposed to made the culture seem narrow and detached.


Out of the Charismatic Closet 

I used to be in the charismatic movement. I was a fully-fledged member. I had gone through the rites of passage; I attended the conferences, the leadership seminars, ‘prophesied’, ‘spoke in tongues’, lead worship, played in the church band, wrote a few worship songs, started a Christian band, lead a small group and even had Jeremiah 29: 11 bookmarked. Basically, I was in there!

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When Jokes Laugh You Into Sin 

Like all fairytales start; one day, on a beautiful summer’s day in the beautiful town of Johannesburg, there was a princess named Tsholo. She was soft spoken and laughed so gently and eloquently. Then one day, someone lovingly asked her, “what are you doing!?”

Okay, that’s where the fairytale ends. I don’t even think it was a summers day, probably winter. Either way, it was pretty awkward, because there I was, trying to be like some of the ladies I look up to in the church. You know them right? Those ladies that speak softly and rub your arm ever so gently when talking to you.

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But Did The Proverbs 31 Woman Have A Tattoo? 

In actuality though, the proverbs 31 narrative does transcends beyond being a wife and a mother. But, you’d never guess that based on how the generic Christian community talks about it. I don’t want to sit comfortably in that generic box. I wanna discover the soul of this woman. Surely she had fears, surely she had bad days, surely she had issues, surely there was more to her than the fact that her husband’s heart trusts in her, surely surely surely!

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I Had My Life All Planned Out 

When I was 12 I had one of those cute flowery diary’s which had my life all planned out. Then we moved homes and it sadly got misplaced however, in varsity my eagerness for planning and dreaming out how my life could be in the next 10 years was ever more stronger. So I penned down how from the age of 24 I’d graduate with my honours degree, go on to do my masters degree, travel the world, perhaps work at some well known international organisation for a year, come back home then at age 30 start my business and then maybe consider getting married at the age of 32 and get pregnant before my eggs disappear.