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The Ultimate Pleasure 

“The pleasures of this created world are pointing to the Creator of pleasure. They’ll never satisfy you like the pleasure of knowing God.” ~ Paul Tripp

Pleasure, plaisir, piacere….whatever language we speak, pleasure sounds sweet, because it is. There are
so many things in this world that delight us and keep us asking for more. We want to enjoy our lives, we
want to have the best of everything, and we long for pleasurable things.

biblical womanhood

God’s design: The role of women in the family 

“More women need to be a part of the workforce, top business positions should be filled by more women, keep women out of the home, and in the workforce.” This is what the world chants and is very characteristic of today’s society. As women, we want to make it in the business/corporate world that has been, for centuries, dominated by men. We are told that we need equal jobs, equal pay, equal hours at work, and everything else that men have been entitled to for a long time.


I Parted With My Fro 

After months of going back and forth on what to do with my hair, in September 2014 I made a decision, I had had it with my unhealthy relaxed hair.

My poor husband was so forbearing and patiently entertained me as I showed him countless pictures of potential hairstyles and toyed with the idea of shaving it all off. Finally, I made up my mind – I was going to go bald. I even coerced hubby to cut it himself (bonding exercise) so he wouldn’t fall off his chair one day when I returned home –ahem…hairless.

Home Schooling

A Mosquito In My Joko Tea‏ 

s we come to the end of our school year, I find I begin to reflect on what we have done and accomplished throughout the year. This year was no different. Understandably, this reflection brought to light the areas where we had failed and needed improvements. Thus, our chosen curriculum is usually always at the forefront of this reflection. Somehow I always think, “If I could just find that perfect curriculum, our home school endeavours would reach perfection.”