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It is He who opens and closes the womb – my personal conviction 

e got married in November 2010. My husband and I were at age 22 and 24 and a lot of people asked us; “Why so young?” “Are you going to have kids right away?” “You know, kids these days cost a fortune” this was the typical response from most of our friends and family. I must say, they really did a good job at scaring me into having kids as they made it sound as if kids are a curse.

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God’s design: The role of women in the family 

“More women need to be a part of the workforce, top business positions should be filled by more women, keep women out of the home, and in the workforce.” This is what the world chants and is very characteristic of today’s society. As women, we want to make it in the business/corporate world that has been, for centuries, dominated by men. We are told that we need equal jobs, equal pay, equal hours at work, and everything else that men have been entitled to for a long time.