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Praying As We Parent 

My baby is 2 years old and she has been a wonderful addition to our family. Like any first time parents we are enamoured by her. We could probably map out every day of her short life in photos that we have taken almost daily since she was born. We marvel at the glory of God in creation as we watch her grow and develop.

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Gospel Powered Parenting 

May we be encouraged by the sufficiency of Scripture and it’s relevancy in every situation of our daily lives however mundane the situation might seem. There is peace and comfort in the daunting task of sharing the gospel with our children as we find our rest and assurance in our great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear X 

That monumental exchange when your son became my son was more than two years ago. I have not written once. In all honesty, I don’t give you much thought at all. I promised myself that I would. In fact, before yours became mine, in a sentimental-yet-sincere letter to you, I promised that I would remember you, that I would hold you high in my (our?) son’s life. I know that you never read the letter, but still. I promised you. I promised me.

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It is He who opens and closes the womb – my personal conviction 

e got married in November 2010. My husband and I were at age 22 and 24 and a lot of people asked us; “Why so young?” “Are you going to have kids right away?” “You know, kids these days cost a fortune” this was the typical response from most of our friends and family. I must say, they really did a good job at scaring me into having kids as they made it sound as if kids are a curse.